Sassie girl Fashion By K Simmons

Get Styled From The Inside Out

      Join us for a transformative workshop led by K Simmons, a celebrity wardrobe and personal stylist, and boutique owner with over a decade of experience! If you struggle with creating looks you love or find it hard to envision outfits for yourself, this event is for you. Learn the art of dressing from the inside out, unlocking your unique style potential, and discovering how to dress your body for a flattering and confident look. Ksimmons will guide you through maximizing your wardrobe and styling pieces effortlessly, whether it's for an elevated occasion or day to day. We will also address overall well-being, enjoy refreshments, hands-on activities, and even have exciting giveaways from Sassie Girl Fashion. Limited spaces are available for this transformative opportunity Don't miss this chance to be empowered from the inside out.


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